Because I’m a dork I somehow manage to tie a lot of things in my life to cars. For instance, I can’t remember people’s names but I sure as hell remember the make, model, trim, and color, and any unusual characteristics of the cars they drive. I have a sneaking suspension that I’m not the only one with this syndrome.

Today is Halloween. Happy Halloween. And yes, I’m dressing up. This year, like last year, like the year before, and like the year before that, I’m a race car driver. This year I get a free pass because I moved to a new neighborhood and no one has seen this SFI-5 costume of mine yet. I’ll leave the HANS device at home.

Some years ago while walking around Beacon Hill on Halloween, which is always a big thing there, I saw this Bugaboo stroller modified to look like the Flintstones’ car. Is’t that just brilliant?

Today we ask, do in anyway incorporate cars into Halloween?