Hooniverse Asks: Did you Take "Shop" in High School?

sf.Autoshop-2_ It used to be that, once you got into high school, you pretty much knew what your career path was going to be. Some wold take honors classes and fret over SAT scores and college applications, while others would take shop. Today, it seems like teaching a trade such as auto mechanics, woodworking or welding is a bygone goal of our public education process, at least here in the States. It never was the case that those who took shop were less intelligent than the other track kids. At one time, it was a viable path for those who may have needed to start a career right out of school. Now it seems, everybody is either on a path to college, pushed into the military, or are prime candidates for our nation’s commodious and accommodating penal system. It’s a sad state of affairs that things like shop have been dropped from our kids’ curriculum because even if they do plan on going down another road, it’s important for all kids to learn how to get their hands a little dirty now and then. Did you get your hands dirty back in high school? Did your school offer a metal or auto shop program, and if so, is it a fond part of your adolescent memories? Image: Claremont Courier

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