Hooniverse Asks: Did you do anything car-related for Mother’s Day?

No, I didn’t race LeMons – I just wanted to reuse that old photo for no good reason. But I’m using it to launch into today’s question; did you do anything car-related for Mother’s Day?

While not car specific, here at Casa de Hooniverse we fired up the Jag to run down to the beach. This means the whole family, which includes our dog Pearl. After my battery swap mishap which is now all fixed up, the car is running just fine. Or, at least, as fine as it was prior to me making a dumb mistake.

It still has a fuel smell. I still need to shift it manually between 2 and D so it doesn’t shift too quickly when leaving from a stop. But otherwise, the Jag is a great cruiser. And that means it’s a good Mother’s Day shuttle.

So how about you? What did you do car-related with respect to Mother’s Day?

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One response to “Hooniverse Asks: Did you do anything car-related for Mother’s Day?”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    Did you ever look into TV cable adjustment to fix the shifting on the Jag?

    My Mother’s Day car-related adventure is that Mom got some furniture that doesn’t fit into a sedan, so I picked it up with my truck. I still need to get over to her house to unload.

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