Hooniverse Asks- Could You Have a Decades-Long Relationship With One Car?

See that nice lady up there? Her name is Anne Hesler, and according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, she’s owned that car since 1961. That kind of devotion to one set of wheels is rare, and seemingly even frowned upon in our present-day conspicuous consumption-driven economy. But still, Ms. Hesler has managed to be true to her beetle (dig the headlight lids!) for nearly 50 years, and half a million miles. Do you think you could be so automotively monogamous?

You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record. . .
Lots of people have cars for a long time, but rarely does a relationship with a daily driver last past the teen years. The infatuation wears as thin as the upholstery, and longing for something with this-year’s gimmicks and gee-gaws can set in. But what if the relationship was deep-seated to begin with? What if it truly is a match made in heaven- a melding of car and owner that is to the benefit of both? What car do you think might make you set in for the long haul? Is there “one for you” that the Jewish mothers always claim to be when relationships of the flesh are concerned? So, if determined to drive it until the wheels fall off, which car would you take to be your one and only? Is there such a beast? Or are you a drive ’em and leave ’em kind of person- who gets itchy for greener pastures when the fuel gauge gets past the half way point? But if you are like Anne, and could be true to your ride, which would it be? What would be your long-term automotive life partner? Image sources: [Seattle Pi, Darylandjoy.com]

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