Hooniverse Asks: Camper or Trailer, How Would You Roll?

rvs-motorhomes-travel-trailers-vs-tiny-houses-on-wheels While some might consider staying in a hotel without WiFi the height of roughing it, there are many of us who enjoy a road trip where, snail like, we take our abode with us. There are two main ways you can go when planning on camping in something more secure than a tent: a self-contained camper, or some form of trailer, towed behind and detachable from your ride. Each of these has their pros and cons, and as such each has their adherents. Some like the flexibility that a trailer affords, the wide scope of offerings and the ability to detach and run excursions without the tail that inevitably wags the dog. Others prefer the convenience of a motorhome or self-contained camper. After all they’re a hell of a lot easier to back up. If you were going to do a road trip and wanted to semi-rough it, which would be your choice, a house you can drive, or one that follows closely behind? Image: TinyHouseTalk

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