Hooniverse Asks Bonus – What's Your Version of "Going Bowman"?

zach bowman odyssey Zach Bowman is on an odyssey. He’s sold almost all of his possessions and has hit the road with his wife and baby daughter with no particular destination in mind. If you’re not already following his trip on The Drive, you should be. Reading his dispatches from my cubicle at work, I sigh heavily. My day is stable, pays very well and I’m genuinely applying my talents to help people in need (if you ever have a stroke, give me a call. Actually, don’t, go here instead). But still, I wouldn’t do it for free. Hooniverse has always been about encouraging people to go for it, even (especially?) when “it” is an ill-advised but awesome adventure. Project cars and LeMons fit the bill nicely, but so do road trips. Still, there’s that next level, where you abandon some major tenet of “normal” adult living to have the adventure you just can’t have in your spare time. Commit yourself to the cause. Start or join a race team. Open a shop or dealership. Move to the country and take over some hermit’s junkyard? Things like that. Personally, I want a warehouse for a house. 10,000-20,000 square feet of polished concrete under 24 foot ceilings. We’ll get a decent two bed, two bath manufactured home and park it in the corner (maybe even the top corner on stilts) and turn the roof into a 1/3 acre yard with a deck and garden beds. Obviously, that leaves the remainder for storage and maintenance of a giant fleet of hoopties. On a larger scale of ambition, I’d go even bigger and use the surplus space to run a sort of garage co-op where members get access to space, lifts and tools they can’t get at home. But that’s just me. I’m sick of wistfully sighing if only I had the space. Maybe yours is different. Maybe it’s not cars at all. What would you go off the deep end for?

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