COVID-related restrictions are lifting throughout the country. Some things are returning to normal. Or at least, our new normal. And that means local car shows will be firing back up, especially as we swing into summer soon. Are there any local car shows you’re looking forward to seeing reappear?

Are you going to be cautious at these shows, if you do attend, or are you going to wait and avoid car shows altogether for some time?

It’s interesting to see bars and restaurants rock back to life. I’m not sure I myself am ready to cram into a crowded restaurant with a ton of other people. But maybe a car show could be a bit more open. It’s outside. Hopefully the worst thing you’re breathing in is exhaust fumes.

Obviously I don’t have a good answer to the medical side of this question, but I do know I’d like to attend my local Cars and Coffee soon. However, I have no problem waiting a bit longer for that day to arrive.