Hooniverse Asks: Are There Neighborhoods You Avoid Driving In Because The Roads are Too Dangerous?

sinkhole There are certain places I simply don’t like going, the dentist and Chuck E Cheese’s being two that pop immediately to mind. There are also certain areas that I try to avoid because U.S. infrastructure sucks big time and the roads there are too brutal to bear. One example of that is California’s 5 Freeway skirting the Los Angeles basin. For most of its route through the state the 5 is a long, boring, but reliably smooth ribbon of road. Hit the outskirts of LaLa Land however and its years supporting truck traffic show up as pot holes, uneven concrete separations, and those big rigs that made it so unpleasant in the first place. I haven’t lost a filling yet on the drive, but it’s only a matter of time. I don’t really have a choice not to travel the 5 as the alternatives aren’t any better, and I have to get to my day job or face the consequences. There are other areas that I DO avoid due to road conditions, traffic, and generally unpleasant experiences, and I’ll bet you have the same. If so, what are the roads or neighborhoods you avoid because they are just too dangerous? Image: NY News Daily

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