Hooniverse Asks: Anything catching your eye at SEMA so far?

The aftermarket adventure that is SEMA is underway. There’s a ton of news, and it ranges from mild to far too wild. Somewhere in the middle is the entertaining and tasty meat. For example, that car in the photo above? It’s Dodge’s new Challenger Drag Pak. No you can’t drive it on the street and just 50 will be built and sold. But for those lucky few with the means and a desire to uncork a supercharged 5.8-liter V8, then 7.5-second quarter mile runs are in their future. Yes, that’s not a typo; this thing runs sevens!

Other great debuts include the Ford Bronco R Baja race truck prototype, a wicked electric Mustang, a well-built Nissan Frontier, and a stunner of an old Dodge truck.

Is there anything you’ve seen that has your attention? Sure there’s the usual slog of overdone vehicles, but there’s also some great news rolling out as well. Let us know what you’ve found.

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