Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video


Carving out a niche in 1967 as the pop band with a horn section, Chicago Transit Authority had to change their name within a year to Chicago when the real CTA threatened to sue. The band’s early work is rife with long-form songs with lots of horns, and in fact their first album was a two-disc offering! Over the years those were interspersed with power ballads such as If You Leave Me Now, and as the expansive seventies gave way to the short attention span eighties, those shorter songs took prominence in Chicago’s catalog.

This is just such a ballad, and one that has a video featuring a sweet Olds 442 and a cool old Ford pickup. It’s also surprisingly one of the funniest (both intentionally and otherwise) videos you’ll ever see. And you can see it in all it’s ’80s glory right after the jump.



Source: YouTube


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