Hoonimerch – MOAR Hooniversal Head Gear

Sweet Gear!

It’s that time of year when the weather gets warm, the windows go down and the radio goes up. To help you represent properly while hooning around town, The team at Hooniverse presents to you, more awesome Hooniversal Head Gear.

We understand that our readers are as eclectic as the automobiles we write about so these sweet caps come in two styles, the everyday ball cap and the quintessential trucker cap.
Yeah, you'll look just this cool.

When size matters - adjust accordingly!

The trucker cap currently comes in black and white, brown and tan and *of course* pink and white, for those ladies who want to make sure they’re rocking only the finest head gear this summer. More colors on the way too like green, blue and orange.
The everyday man around town ball cap comes in gray, olive drab or black, perfect colors to sport (or hide) the grease that will inevitably start flying as you dig into your summer project,  making her juuuuuust right for the next big hoon.  You didn’t think we expected you to actually take it off, did you?
Pricing varies by style of cap. The trucker caps are $12.00 USD and $3.00 S&H. The ball caps are $14.00 USD and $3.00 S&H.
Shipping outside the United States will be a bit higher, but not much! We promise!
Bottom line – if you’re looking to represent the Hooniverse loud and proud this summer, buy your cap now by clicking here.


    1. I'll swing one in next paycheck. Buying a beater in a week or too. Have to show that I'm not trying to piss ALL of my money away in one week 🙂

  1. I am excited! Could we get the url embroidered on them or "The Automotive Fringe"?
    So now – Tan or B/W? The tan looks a little pinkish……..? Thoughts?

    1. Conveniently, the rust-ish/maroon and white trucker caps will be in stock Monday. I'll add on some pics when they get here. I also got dark green/white, navy/white and some regular caps in red and bright blue.

  2. Dear EVERYONE! The new hat colors are IN!!! Blue, red, green ball caps and green/white, blue/white and rust/white trucker caps. Come get some!

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