Hoonimatics Lesson: Jensen Interceptor III + 6.1L SRT8 HEMI = ?

Who said mathematics was boring? We’ve got a formula here that’s going to surely get your attention – take a look after the jump.

Take a $19,000 Italian-British-American hybrid, toss its vintage 440 to your salivating Duster-owning neighbor, and drop in a $6,900 6.1L HEMI crate motor of STR8 fame.
That’s the great thing about hybrids – no hubris to deal with. Sure, keep the swap fully reversible, but no one is going to roll over in their grave if you upgrade from one American lump to the other. Plus, can you imagine pulling up in your Interceptor next to some wiseass kid in a _____ (insert your choice of annoying teenage rides here). We recommend giving this combo a very restrained exhaust note, but a lumpy, lumpy cam, which should fool the poor sap into thinking you’ve simply busted a motor mount. That is, until you bring eight cylinders of pain raining down on their sense of self worth.

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  1. Fantasy Avatar

    Nice one =)) =^_^=

  2. Chastellux Avatar

    This is good blog message, I will keep this in mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂