Hoonigan Club Days: Currie Enterprise Jeep Fest 2016

[Friend of Hooniverse Josh Ostrander was on hand to help out with the past few Hoonigan Club Day events. Here’s a bit of insight into the most recent one, which featured a whole bunch of Jeeps.]
When going to a Hoonigan Club Day event, there are always three things on which you can count. These are rad builds, burnouts, and dogs. The most recent Saturday club day had all three in spades. Hoonigan partnered with Currie Enterprises and Get Right Offroad to bring you Jeep Fest 2016.
What showed up? We had everything from a nearly stock Cherokee to V8-swapped JK’s. There were full tube-frame chassis race rigs and even a lone defiant Toyota managed to find a spot in the meet. All told, we saw 80 vehicles show up before countless more were turned away due to space constraints. Despite a small issue with the fire department (which later came back to take photos of their own), the meet went off without a hitch.
This was by far the best of the four events put on so far. Don’t get me started on mustang day. There’s a new bar for all Hoonigan Club Days from now on thanks to the awesome people happy to answer questions about their builds or just chat about Jeeping in general.

The dogs.
The Builds
The glorious aftermath of the burnouts
Currie Enterprises with the branded hot dog buns.
With the twilight hours of the meet approaching, Jeeps started crawling up and down the loading dock like giant steel centipedes with 40” tires instead of legs. After that there was Jessi Combs herself on hand and she easily laid down the most insane burnout of the day …twice. Once in her race prepped Jeep and a second time in a V8-swapped JK. The rear brakes caught fire on both occasions and the exhaust on the second.
Check out the video here:

A video posted by Josh Ostrander (@mr.stealyourdog) on

Hoonigan Club Days are a blast and if you anywhere remotely near Southern California while one is scheduled, do yourself a favor and stop by. If, sadly, you’re nowhere near then make an automotive pilgrimage to see what Ken Block and crew are up to in Long Beach.
Whens the next one you ask? Who knows. Keep up to date with them via Instagram. The next one hasn’t been announced but I have a feeling many mighty Mopar products might flood that parking lot and loading dock very soon.

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