Hoon and Terrorize from the Comfort of Your Hospice Bed!

Geek Stuff 4 U - For Geeks By Geeks RC Driving Tissue Box Case
I know that picture shows a tissue box nestled comfortably in that R/C platform, but I wouldn’t be a true hoon unless the second I saw it my twisted brain came up with nearly endless permutations of what sort of insanity may ensue if you simply put something else in there. Of course, the sixer of Vitamin O is an obvious choice, but just imagine the sheer horror on the faces of your hospital wingmates as your disembodied colostomy bag goes zooming through the hallways.

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Doesn’t the Americans with Disabilities Act demand equal treatment for those who are less-abled? Isn’t it our patriotic duty to provide equal access to the tools of hooning? If you know a disabled hoon, pony up the ¥ 3,690.00 and make Uncle Sam proud.
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  1. Han you are far more creative than I am cause I see a motorized tray and the only use I can see for it is bringing me food while I'm playing X-Box or watching tv.

    1. Hey, I'm not saying it wouldn't be great for more mundane purposes. Now, if only it would actually MAKE the food, then that'd really be something.

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