Color me not surprised… but certainly smiling. Honda has already expanded its still-fresh Talon lineup. The UTV with the sharp name is the sportier side of the side-by-side family. It launched in two flavors, both of which were for two people only. We attended that launch and I asked Honda if a four-seat version was coming. Reps replied that they were watching the market. It was a short stint of eyeballing, because the Talon 1000X-4 has arrived.

According to Power Sports Business, the Talon 1000X-4 uses a similar but stretched chassis. The rear seats are raised a bit, for a stadium experience. Power is provided by the 999-cc Honda twin engine, which is backed up by a dual-clutch gearbox. Just like in the Talon we drove in March.

We came away seriously impressed. And this new four seater should be just as impressive because you can bring more people to the party. Also that longer chassis could add even more high-speed stability. Though it may be a dash less agile.

In addition to the standard 100oX-4, Honda is offering a version called the 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve. This one utilizes Fox’s crazy live-valve suspension technology. That’s the same type you’ll find on the latest Ford Raptor, by the way. Here on the Talon, it offers 14.4 inches of front travel and 15-inches of travel out back. More importantly, it constantly monitors all four shocks and can adjust the damping on the fly.

There’s no word on price for either example of the four seat Talon. They certainly won’t be cheap, as the two seat Talons start at $20,000. The cheapest four-seat Polaris RZR will likely undercut the Talon 1000X-4… but you have to deal with CVT whine and belt snapping sapping fun with that one.

We’ll take the Talon.

(I can hear Ross Ballot screaming from here and I love it…)