HG Performance's 911 GT3 Street Cup… Perfecting Perfection

The Porsche 991 GT3 right out of the box is one of the best driving cars that money can buy. With such features as rear wheel steering and it’s phenomenal PDK gearbox the 991 GT3 is a car that most anybody can get into and drive at an incredibly rapid pace. This wasn’t always the case with Porsche 911’s as they have had some interesting handling characteristics for those who are ham-fisted. The 991 GT3 is a completely different animal from the Porsche’s of yesteryear. Driver confidence was high on the priority list and when the boffins in Stuttgart created this ultimate 911 they changed something about it. This generation of GT3 was simply too easy to drive fast diminishing the allure of a fully rewarding experience.
HG Performance and BBi Autosport solve this completely. What we have here is a 991 GT3 Street Cup. Much of the of the body has been replaced with Cup Car panels giving it a purposeful look. But it’s not all show and no go. By adding BBI’s Street Cup suspension with JRZ adjustable coil-overs, HRE wheels shod in Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R’s this GT3 is bringing some serious levels of grip to both track and street. A mind power bump with an ECU recalibration and an Akrapovic exhaust, a roll cage with racing seats and harnesses round out what the intent of what this GT3 represents. A true street and track weapon that will outrun or chase down anything that comes in it’s path.
We headed to the mountains east of San Diego to see how incredible this modified GT3 performs. It bends minds and has me searching for how to get a Porsche in my life.

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