honda fat cat for sale

Hey there, you look like you could use a Fat Cat

This is a Honda Fat Cat, and it is awesome. Honda took one of its three-wheelers, chopped a wheel off, and turned it into a bike called the TR200. It was produced for two years only. And it’s a delightful fat-wheeled freak bike. One that is apparently easy enough to ride considering it has an automatic clutch and electric starter. This seems like a hop-on-and-go fun machine, and we found one for sale that appears to be in excellent shape.

front of honda fat cat

Per RideApart, these were $1,500 when new and they weigh 250 pounds. There can’t be a ton of them out there, at least not in this kind of shape. And the asking price of $3,850 is a bit high for a little bit but also quite possible in line with the rarity and condition. An even $3k feels better, but I really have no clue as to the value. What I do know is that this thing looks awesome, fun, and would be an instant hit at a future Radwood event.

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2 responses to “Hey there, you look like you could use a Fat Cat”

  1. danleym Avatar

    I would really like to experience oneof these someday:

    I have no real use for one, so I don’t think I’d really want to own one, but there’s something about a 2WD motorcycle with fat tires made to go anywhere that makes me want to ride one.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Motorcycle equivalent of the Sherp?

      I’ve ridden a Honda 3 wheel bike and lived to tell the tale, strongest memory is going down a gravel track with siblings and cousins sitting on the back and the handlebars cranked fully over, but ploughing straight ahead due to the low tyre pressure and not enough weight on the front to affect anything. The front tyre just distorted out of doing anything and I’m sure it would have gone straight until the fuel tank out.