Here's the first review of the Bugatti Chiron

Tim Stevens over at Carfection managed to secure some seat time with Bugatti’s newest time-space warp machine. The Chiron picks up where the Veyron left off, and it’s an amazing piece of tech that is both awesome and luxurious. This video will give you a nice look at the Chiron, but the best part happens near the beginning. That’s one hell of an epic fly by the camera.

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2 responses to “Here's the first review of the Bugatti Chiron”

  1. theskitter Avatar

    You weren’t kidding.
    Heart Of Gold.

  2. Kyle Allen Avatar

    Does anyone really care about this over powered, over priced ugly automotive accessory? Just something for stupid rich people to show how big their bank account is and how small their dicks are. Saw one and I laughed at how comically stupid it looks

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