Here’s a wonderful guide for tourists eager to sample the Nürburgring

Misah Charoudin has an entertaining vlog on YouTube. He’s part of the team at Apex Nürburg helping folks experience the Green Hell. Through their company you can book a place to stay, line up a car to drive, and have your trip planned out for you. For those who want to dive right in, Misha has prepared a great video on what you can expect once you’ve finally arrived in the amazing slice of Germany.

Charoudin breaks down how the cars should be prepped, what you can and cannot wear inside the car, and how you can expect your day to go. A public session at the ‘Ring is not a race session. It’s a public road. Of course, it’s a public road that allows you to wring out a machine to its limits. Still, there are rules in place and they need to be observed for your safety and the safety of others.

“Save your ego… save your compensations, for the race track.” That’s a great bit of advice. Misha shares it while driving on the b-roads that take you to the track entrance. Keep the racing on the track, and drive safely on the roads. People like to show off their rides, but you’re driving through a town and there are children potentially playing nearby.

Soon Misha makes it to the track entrance and sets out for a lap. While still telling you all about what he’s experiencing, mind you. Misha knows every inch of the track and can guide you through a nice clean, fast lap.

If you’re considering a trip to the Nürburgring, you’ll want to watch the video above for great insight. And if you’re not, watch it anyway. There’s some great information in there.

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