Hemi Power in your Dodge Pickup? 1955 is Happy to Oblige

1955 dodge c series hemi 4x4 for sale“Field Find” trucks are such a gamble: they’re usually easier to work on, have more parts commonality over the years, and are easier to swap new drivetrains into. On the other hand, they usually come with little information to gauge the magnitude of task ahead of you. “bought it from a auction with 10 other cars. Don’t know to much about it but its pretty cool, body is rust free and straight.” is all we get to know about the condition. The options sheet is pretty impressive, through: 4wd with Dana 70 axles, Dana 20 transfer case, four speed manual and Desoto Hemi to make it all spin.

1955 dodge c series hemi 4x4 for sale1955 dodge c series hemi 4x4 for sale1955 dodge c series interior

Dodge put lower-spec Hemis in this era of C-series trucks, so it’s not clear if the seller’s over excited to see those distinctive valve covers or if he knows more about the motor’s origin. It’d be important to figure out, as a top-spec Desoto 345ci was good for 345hp, whereas the bottom-rung truck motors were mid-100s. Hate to say it, but it might be most economical to sell that Hemi to some old-school hot-rodder for silly amounts of cash, then use the proceeds for something more modern. Anyway, he’s asking $2,000, but half-price might be possible.

1955 Dodge C-series 4×4 truck for sale – Craigslist

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