HCOTY Nominee: Bonus Reader Submission Volume 1 – The Basement Lamborghini

Personally, I would have went with a limerick

I just got an email from reader citroen67 who suggested we nominate Ken Imhoff’s Basement Lamborghini as a potential Hooniverse Car of the Year.
My immediate reaction was that I am stupid for NOT thinking of this car choice after Deartháir cooked up this wonderful HCOTY idea. Hop the jump for a video trailer of the DVD “Bull in the Basement” and Mister Citroen67’s argument.

Hey…it’s me again, faithful reader citroen67! I was thinking about the “Car of the Year” and couldn’t help but think that maybe he next nomination should go to Ken Imhoff’s basement Lamborghini. I know that the Lambo has been known by all since ’08, but it didn’t make its street driving debut until Spring 2009 (according to the YouTube post). Even if it has been known for a while, it’s still an amazing machine built by a true car guy. If there is any room left for nominees…I would say that the best of the best of faux Lambos is more than deserving of the mighty COTY award. I mean c’mon, Ken Imhoff did what we would all love to do if we only had the time, energy, money, room, tools, skills and approval from the wife. I figure that deserves some sort of recognition, right?

Yes… yes it does. Not only is the car a perfect nominee but the builder is eligible for Hoon Hall of Fame status.

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