Jack stands are an essential tool for car repair. You put a lot of faith in those hunks of steel to hold your ride over your body, and to keep you safe. It’s worth spending the dough for proper stands. Or you can go the less expensive route and buy a set from Harbor Freight, which I myself have done. If you have a set of jack stands from Harbor Freight, you need to go take a look at them ASAP as the company has just issued a recall notice as a certain run of them may collapse during use.

A run of 450,000 jack stands, both 3-ton and 6-ton units, have a faulty pawl that could disengage while under load. That’s… bad, to put it mildly. The specific models are labeled either 56371, 61196, or 61197. On the 6-ton stands, you can find this number (61196 or 61197) on the yellow portion of the label on the base of the stand. The 3-ton units (56371) have the number on the label on the upper portion of the stand.

If you have a set of these stands, bring them into Harbor Freight for a gift card valuing the price of the stands. The company has pulled any unsold stock from this run. The issue was the result of old tooling being used on the stands built between 2013 and 2019.

Go check your jack stands. This is a serious matter and we don’t want any of you getting squashed by your rusting heaps.

[Source: Harbor Freight via The Drive]