Happy 87th Birthday Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby turns 87 today. There may be varying opinions out there about the man, but there is no question about the man’s ability to drive cars for other companies or to produce them for his own company. Here at Hooniverse we wanted to take second to wish you, Carroll Shelby, a happy 87th birthday. Hop the jump for a few another picture and a video.In 1959, Carroll Shelby was part of the duo that drove this Aston Martin DBR1 to victory at the 24 hours of Le Mans (not to be confused with the well known 24 hours of LeMons), one of only two wins for the manufacturer. Not content to simply race for other folks, Shelby developed the wildly potent Cobra. It was a fast machine (still is, of course) but not quite fast enough to beat Enzo and his elegant yet powerful Ferraris. Shelby and his team went back to the drawing board … and in 1964 thrust the stunning Daytona Cobra Coupe onto the world. The car and the team had a real shot to win the World Manufacturer’s Championship if it weren’t for the cheap shenanigans pulled by Enzo. However, Carroll and his team only got hungrier for the title and won the whole thing in 1965.

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