Hagerty will now offer insurance for your upcoming track day

As Regular Car Review fans might say “…track day! Track day, bro! Track day!” That excitement is legit though, because a proper track day is a wonderful day. The only thing that makes it potential not so wonderful is if you smash up your machine. If said machine is a track-only toy, it’s not the end of the world. If you’re using a car that also splits time as your daily driver then you’re in bad shape.
Now though, you can at least make sure you’ve got relatively affordable coverage. Hagerty is jumping into the Track Day insurance game, and the pricing is pretty reasonable.
Available for over 88 tracks across 35 states, Hagerty is working with RLI Track Day to insure and underwrite your investment. The HPDE insurance will cover up to $175,000 in value pertaining to a vehicle but you can insure vehicles costing more than that if you wish. The coverage also includes the cleanup cost of any pollutants your smashed up ride has puked onto the racing service, towing fees, and you’ll be reimbursed for your sad rental car ride home.
You can get a quote over at the Hagerty website. I tested it out for myself with a theoretical $25,000 car I don’t own that I’d be running at Willow Springs. The quote that was kicked out is actually less than what is listed in the press release they sent over. According to the release, polices can be ordered and applied the same day as the event and start at $200 per day. There’s a $2,000 deductible.
When I plug in quick information for the above fake car, however, I was given a quote of $145. This would apparently also cover an event that could last up to three days. The deductible would be 10% of the stated $25,000 value I listed.
If you have a car you’re looking to push in a safe environment and you want some financial protection for when things turn sour, it seems like Hagerty is ready to back you up.

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9 responses to “Hagerty will now offer insurance for your upcoming track day”

  1. 0A5599 Avatar

    I was quoted $145 for a $500 car with 15% ded, so I lowered the deductible to 10%, and still $145. Then I tried a $5000 car, and got the same premium, so I jumped to $25k. Still $145.
    It did increase to two hundred and something dollars when I plugged in a $50k value, then it figured out I was trying to reverse-engineer their rates and the “get quote” button vanished.
    I wonder if the BS judges would assign laps for a $500 race car with a $25,000 agreed value policy.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Step 1: Every team in LeMons signs up for an inflated policy.
      Step 2: Sudden groundswell of support for bringing back the People’s Curse.
      Step 3: Profit and/or prison.

    2. JayP Avatar

      $145 must be the lowest it’ll go…
      I put $25k in and got $145 for 10 and 15%.
      $35k raised it to $190.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    One of my father’s friends could have done with this a few years back when he hit a concrete wall with his Monaro; went in with the back which then flicked the front around to get that too. Not sure what the damage was but very substantial and of course normal insurance would not cover it.

  3. Lokki Avatar

    I can’t believe that this can really be much of a money maker for Hagerty. Sure, most people on most track days, don’t do more than $2K worth of damage to their cars, but a bad rainy weekend could eat up a lot of collected premiums. This seems more like a break-even at best service to attract and retain customers. I would love to see the data and calculations used to justify this to the company board.
    I like Hagerty, and I use them (although I don’t track my car). Here’s a thank you from me to Hagerty for offering this.

    1. Roland Alfonso Avatar
      Roland Alfonso

      Yeah, I’ve them for years. They keep getting better. Hagerty rulz.

    2. Chandler McCallum Avatar
      Chandler McCallum

      Thanks for the comments, Lokki and Roland! I’m part of the team that developed this new product at Hagerty, and we’re excited about it’s launch!

  4. Vairship Avatar

    Soooo… now if you drive too fast and crash your car, you can get the car towed to the nearest track. That way you’re covered under your track day insurance, yet won’t get a speeding ticket/police investigation.
    Unless of course Hagerty investigators start questioning why your bone-stock Toyota Solara has track-day coverage in the first place…

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      The reverse of how it “normally” or “used to” work, where you towed the car up the road and told the police an animal ran onto the road?