Those of you who call Southern California home, know that we have some wicked cool roads on which we may pretend to some kind of driving hero. However, one of those roads – in fact one of the best if you happen to be of the sport-bike riding persuasion- has been closed now for nigh on 18 months. Angeles Crest Highway (SR2) snakes north out of La Cañada Flintridge, and traverses 66 miles of the San Gabriel Mountains east to the 138 at Wrightwood.
Following the Station Fire, rock slides and washouts made the first 7 miles of the two-lane road impassable, requiring a long detour if you wanted to visit, oh say Mount Wilson’s observatories, or Newcomb’s Ranch. Ever since then, a yellow gate has blocked egress to the road just north of Foothill, but as of this morning, that gate will swing open and the chapparal-lined road will be re-opened to traffic and disco bikes. If you don’t happen to live in the LA area, this might not have the same meaning as to those of us who do, but just think, now you’ll have something to do should you ever visit here!
Of course I now have one less excuse for not getting my Healeys on the road again.
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