Goodwood 2014: Mustang in the UK? How did I miss that?!

DSC_5663 I seriously don’t believe it. I’m supposed to have my finger on the pulse. I’m supposed to know what’s going on. I read magazines, I regularly digest every word of Greg’s weekly news catalogues, yet somehow it seems I’ve not been paying the slightest bit of attention to what’s going on right under my nose. It’s the Mustang! It’s here! It’s being advertised on the Ford UK website. Unless this whole thing is some evil, elaborate hoax, I’ll soon be able to march into my local Ford vendors and pick up a copy. DSC_5664 For those of you West of the Atlantic, a Mustang is pretty much just another car. Your roads are clogged with the things. Brand new ones, immaculate old ones, beater midde-age ones…. over here there’s no such thing as a beater Mustang. I mean, there are scruffy examples around, but it’s not as if they’re abundant enough to be an easy choice for the impoverished car buyer like so many 2.3 litre Fox-Bodies were in mid-90s America. A Mustang sighting over here is a novelty. Therefore, any possibility of the things being made available here, for £Pounds Sterling, officially, from my local Fordsmith, is a far more exciting prospect than you can possibly imagine. DSC_5661 Yeah, OK, it’s left-hand-drive, but who cares? It’s a Mustang. And anyway, I’ve been told that the steering wheel will be on the other side when it reaches these shores in 2015. I guess worldwide acceptance is a by-product of the new, leaner, more parsimonious range of engines that the old Stallion is now equipped with. The next question is whether there’ll be a Mustang Diesel for company car users. I’m just being silly now. (Images copyright 2014 Chris Haining and Hooniverse)

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