GoFastCampers new Truck Topper is pretty damn strong

The Montana-based team from GoFastCampers has a new product for you truck owners out there. And based on the footage and images I’ve seen of the new Truck Topper, it’s pretty damn well built. In fact, it’s overbuilt compared to the bed of your truck. To prove this, GFC had to reinforce the bed of a Toyota Tacoma in order to then plop a 1983 Ford F-250 on top of the Topper. The result is a great means of marketing just how strong this thing is.

The GFC Platform Topper comprises a space frame that spreads loads evenly around the perimeter of the truck bed. It’s built up from tubular aluminum and reinforced with billet bits. From there, GFC adds a thermoplastic roof panel that lets in some light and provides insulation. This halo system to the space frame features a T-Track system for mounting accessories like awnings, lights, or whatever else you want. You can put up to four crossbars on top as well, with each one able to deliver up to 200 pounds of dynamic load carrying capability.

Then to close the whole thing in, the GFC Platform Topper has three locking aluminum panels. You can pop them all open into what GFC calls Cabana Mode or close it up tight to keep your bed space secure from the elements and prying eyeballs.

Right now, the Topper is built for the current-generation Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, and Jeep Gladiator. GoFastCampers is cooking up a version for the Ford F-150 (and Lightning) next, with more models to follow shortly after. A GFC Platform Topper will set you back $3,995. And if you reinforce the bed of your truck, you can use it to piggyback 4,500-pound classic trucks around too. Though I think GFC might advise against hauling old pickups in this way… but you could, in theory.

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3 responses to “GoFastCampers new Truck Topper is pretty damn strong”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    sure, but how many bed toppers have been damaged by too heavy a load stacked on top?

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