God Help Me…

rusty e9 bmw cs for sale
I’m a lucky man. I’m lucky to have a great little family (Junior’s 6 months as of yesterday!) and the opportunities to play the way I do. But most of all, I’m lucky this car’s in the opposite corner of the country. If it weren’t I’d be picking it up on my way home from work. Rarely does an opportunity denied constitute luck, but given the e9-chassis BMW CS’ tendency to rust to oblivion, generating bodywork bills that’ll require a second mortgage, I’m happy to be kept away. This one puts our previous siren e9 champ to shame. The hopeless-project-a-phile in me wants to just strip it down to a (pre lightened!) vintage road racer powered by some manner of modern EFI M30 motor or maybe an LSX just to horrify the purists. Take a guess at the current bid, and hit the jump to find out just how wrong you are.

rusty e9 bmw cs for salerusty e9 bmw cs for sale

Of course, with 3 days left and a current (reserve met!) bid of $200, there’s at least one fast-track to racing that’s within reach. The listing claims it’s got a manual transmission, but the seller gives us no further information other than “very rough”. Also, don’t email.

1971 BMW CS 2800 – eBay Motors

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15 responses to “God Help Me…”

  1. M44Power Avatar

    The amount of rust on it probably qualifies it as a superlight anyway. That being said, I don't think I am allowed to click the auction link. I have a junk car problem.

  2. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Do It! It's worth the attempt at the very least.

  3. tonyola Avatar

    Just replacing the left rear side window alone probably more than doubles the value. Such beautiful cars, but this one would be called Project Car Hell in another blog.

    1. Møbius Avatar

      I'm not certain of the rules, but I'm guessing LeMons Chief Perps do not punish one for not having a stock rear window?
      But of course, to restore this to road-worthiness would wreak havoc on Mad_Science's life.

  4. CJinSD Avatar

    A friend of mine had one of these. It had already been completely restored once. Unfortunately, it was restored to absolutely original specs. Since rust and water traps in the rockers were standard, it soon returned to its prerestored state. Imagine this car complete and without inflicted damage, and you'd have the car when he sold it on ebay for several thousand dollars. I couldn't believe the price, or that the buyer took delivery when he saw it. That's what happened though. I'd bet my friend's listing was as accurate as possible. I just couldn't believe what people would pay. If this one doesn't bring much more than is now bid, I guess all the silly money spent on BMWs now goes for the new ones.

    1. Timothy Odell Avatar
      Timothy Odell

      Hard to tell, but this one looks like a non-sunroof model, which would be a very good thing, rust-wise.
      The rockers are the really tricky part, as they're structurally relevant and full of complicated folds and the like. The rest is more standard auto-body work (fenders, floors, window-surrounds).
      The pristine/restored ones do command ridiculous sums (20-30k), but the market's figured out that anything shy of that means lots of body and trim work.
      The good news is, here in LA and it's 5 days of rain per year, such rust-fragile cars don't disintegrate nearly as quickly.

  5. BGW Avatar

    "Opposite corner of the country" made me think for a second that it might be close to me. My palms started sweating and my heart rate increased. My head started spinning at the prospect of this fine oxidizing pile of soon-to-be-worthless junk piece of automotive history taking up permanent (perhaps immobile) residence out front of my place. I couldn't imagine what I was going to tell The Missus. I started to hyperventilate a little bit and even felt a bit woozy. Then I clicked the link and saw that it was 400 miles away and was finally able to breathe normally.

    1. Timothy Odell Avatar
      Timothy Odell

      400 miles?
      That's nothing.
      Dude: for $202.50 it could be yours.

      1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

        Don't be evil. You tease.

      2. BGW Avatar

        $202.50 for the car pales in comparison to the fees for the hotel room I'll be living in when She Who Shall Be Obeyed changes the locks on the house.

  6. Black Steelies Avatar

    only 116 miles away…

  7. Møbius Avatar

    Other side of the country means oceans away, so I'm safe from this plague. As far as plagues go, though, that is one beautiful piece of history, one last hurrah on a racetrack and in Murilee's album would be heck of a triumph.
    Best of luck!

    1. Mechanically Inept Avatar
      Mechanically Inept

      This car is far too pretty to subject to LeMons. It deserves to be restored to driving condition, and then properly driven.

      1. Møbius Avatar

        The phrase "fast-track to racing" is a hyper-link to posts tagged LeMons.
        I'm afraid your wish isn't Mad_Sciences command.
        I would also like to see a proper restoration, but probably not the owner's money manager. Or wife.

  8. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Such a pretty, delicate car.
    Wouldn't it be nice if the next 6 looked like this, sans rust?