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banovsky car of the day Do you like weird, rare, and obscure cars? No, I don’t mean a Yanko Camaro because that’s not that obscure or unknown. No, I mean stuff from the deepest depths of automotive obscurity. Yes, of course you like them, we all do. Michael Banovsky, a Canadian automotive journalist (but I don’t think he does journalism per se, anymore), started a little website and email newsletter which shares his passion for obscurity. Have you ever heard of the Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso 926R? How about a FEI X-3? I doubt you have, I certainly have not. This man is a walking encyclopedia on these things and is willing to share that knowledge with you. Now I would never suggest that anyone sign up for any kind of newsletter, but this is different. First, there is no ads in his letter or on his site, he is doing this out of passion. Second, it’s well written and damn informative. Check it out. Main page: Archives:  

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