Well, I’ve sat on this longer than I wanted to because I’m still not sure how to feel about this most recent release from Playground Games and Microsoft. While the idea is perfect and brings some of the silliest moments in Forza history, I find the execution lacking. Moments of fun are peppered by long periods of frustration. The entire thing feels expensive, but without much real substance. It’s a befuddling thing. 
When they first announced the Hot Wheels expansion, I thought it was an odd, but sort of comforting fit. Like celery and peanut butter. The cool crisp of adulthood fun, but with the comforting smoothness of childhood. Bringing some real and fake new cars into the Forza toy box is always welcome, especially when one of the new toys on offer is the Zonda R, a sorely needed addition to the sandbox. The Hot Wheels cars are fun, but feel so out of place in normal Horizon that I found myself selling or ignoring them once I was done playing around in the new area.

It’s this new area, unfortunately, which causes most of my frustration. At first I was blown away by the lengths they went to in creating new jumps, spirals, and all sorts of shapes that should be no stranger to those that grew up having Hot Wheels in our lives. The problem is that after the initial spectacle of seeing the map, I found the entire thing hard to get around, and frustrating to actually drive. I have never found myself slamming the rewind button more than during the campaign of this expansion. I found myself almost losing races to shitty AI that I would have never struggled with in the main game.
The experience wasn’t as positive as I was hoping. I just can’t get my head around it. At the price which the expansion is being offered, I would be cautious buying right now. Unless you are 100% sure you are going to love your time with the orange roads, maybe wait for a sale.