From YouTube to Live Hot Pursuit Coverage in 30 Seconds Flat


This is just too perfect. What starts out as a typical YouTube video of some guy’s TV showing a police chase in Inglewood, California takes a rather sudden and unexpected turn for the better. Just wait for it… Also if you’re at work and don’t wish to hear YouTuber Jason Lee eloquently summarize his once-in-a-lifetime experience, be mindful of the volume.

Check out the video by clicking past the jump.

[youtube width=”700″ height=”485″][/youtube]


Source: YouTube via Reddit


  1. I don't know why American police chases always look like a circus. I guess the Blues Brothers ruined that for me – can't take it serious.
    Prefer the Scandinavian flick.
    ("unable to parse url" when I try "embed video")

    1. I just don't understand why this was on every news outlet in the world. Surely this isn't the first time a police chase has gone past someone's house?
      I mean, I can see this being a somewhat entertaining YouTube video, but on an actual serious newscast? And the traditional media wonder why they're losing viewers to blogs…

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  2. Woo Hoo! 15 years of living in a house with chicken wire embedded in the front windows finally paid off! I'm famous on YouTube!! I'm that guy who's so bored I video tape my TV, and I live in a suburban prison compound! Yay! Wait you're already drifting away…

    1. Judging by the lighting, and what I think is an EXIT sign you can see in the reflection on the windows, I don't think this is a house.

  3. Ring, ring, ring.
    "Hi, Dan."
    "Oh, hi; what's up?"
    "I'm watching COPS. I can see your house."
    "Fuck. I'm moving."
    "I'll bring my van, and drive whatever big truck you rent."
    We had been encouraging him to move for a year; within 3 weeks of that phone call he had picked up and moved 15 miles west to a much quieter and more pleasant neighborhood.

  4. Makes me wonder just how bad the neighborhood is, you need metal-reinforced windows in a house.
    Oh, Inglewood.
    Never mind.

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