FreeRace Combines Demo Derby, Spec Racing, Autocross and Drifting into One Delicious Stew

[youtube][/youtube] Whoa. Why didn’t we think of this? Basically, the folks behind FreeRace take over a parking lot, set up a nice, wide autocross-ish course with barrels and barriers and let loose a few hoons in matching 370Zs. First one across the line wins; any and all shenanigans are fair game.  Any downsides? We can think of two and a half: it’s not on dirt and It’s Euro-only for now. The half is that this seems to be a Nissan marketing thing, but if you’re honest, pretty much all motorsports competition is marketing for someone. They seem to have fully embraced a Web 3.0 (or whatever number we’re using now) existence, having completely forgone an actual (English-language) website in favor of social media. So…uh…be sure to check out their Youtube Channel or FaceBorg Page.

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