Frankenstein Benz Project – 190E body on a C36 AMG

If you think that our Project Wombat is ambitious,  you need to see this. Piper Motorsports is mounting a classic 1985 Mercedes-Benz E190 body on top of a 2010 C63 AMG. As per their website, “The 190E will feature the engine, transmission, entire driveline, suspension, brakes, fire wall, dash, electronics and even the floor pan from the C63 AMG. The exterior will resemble the old school EVO style 190’s, perhaps with some added DTM style flare”

This is the same company that in the past has created the amazing Franken M3, an E30 BMW M3 with the engine . Follow the Benz build on their Facebook page.


  1. In the third picture, behind the car on its left, I see a Cadillac 472 or 500 with the FWD E-Body transaxle/suspension/front subframe on a cart. What is that going in?

      1. I used to know a guy (a former Navy carrier pilot, then airline pilot) that had one in a ’66 Monza coupe. An Olds 425, with the stock transaxle, except using a Buick switch pitch converter. A very nicely done car, until he got rear ended by a lady in a minivan, on an exit ramp after a post-club meeting hang out at a drive-in burger place. He sold it to someone in SoCal, who, last I heard, had rebuilt it.

    1. I see another just in front of the right wheel, with what looks to be a Souzaphone attached to it.

  2. I’ve been following this build and appreciate the work.
    But really… buy a 190E, slap in a SBC and call it a day.

  3. Couldn’t they widen the body of the 190 instead of tacking on those awkward flares? Like that VW Golf Guenter Artz put on the 928 chassis.

    1. Nice pick- but Grosser is right. We all know what a 190 looks like… anything else would dip into the uncanny valley.

    2. Trust me, it’ll be a finished build. I’ve seen the FrankenM3 in person and it’s just an absolute work of art!

  4. Love it. Years ago there was a guy that mounted a 1956 F100 on a 2000ish Moutaineer chassis. I love when people do this kind of crazy stuff. I wish I had the space/time/skillz to do something like it.

  5. And here I thought my idea to put a SAAB NG900 (my 900) on an Opel Vectra 4×4 floor pan and running gear, with the front suspension off of an OG9-5, and the engine out of a 9000 Aero was insane.

  6. I was unimpressed with project wombat as it has so very many compromises with structural integrity and suspension geometry. this one leaves me somewhat underwhelmed. the question why not should have been why should we. other than it is a benz and has no optional lightness package, what was so wrong with it to make one want to go back to the future, as it were?

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