IMG_0862While wandering aimlessly on the downtown streets of my hometown recently, I stumbled across this beautiful example of a military-spec Willys Jeep.

Few details are available, as the owner was nowhere to be seen, and I had already received quite a few strange looks for all the photos I took of it, so I thought better of sitting in it and waiting for him to return. I have faith, nonetheless, that our beloved Hoonigans will let loose their ninja-like skills, and identify every detail of this vehicle, right down to the engine, transmission and optional cupholder location. Bonus points if you can track down the owner’s name. No, actually, don’t, that might be creepy.
Whoever owns it has gone to great lengths to make it period-correct as much as possible, however, and it is truly remarkable how much they’ve achieved. It’s also truly remarkable how it just doesn’t feel like a vehicle that’s well over twice my age.
Great details of note: blackouts on the turn-signals, with “road legal” detachable turn signals mounted on the fenders. Weird. I note also that there are three shifters; I’m going to assume it would be for the gearbox, two or four-wheel-drive, and high or low-range, but someone correct me if I’m wrong. Also. Can someone tell me what the rack is for on the dashboard? I’d almost guess it is supposed to hold a rifle, but perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions because it’s mounted in a vehicle that was originally intended for shootin’ people.
Also, note the rear tail lights. It appears there are a pair of them with blackouts, and then another extra taillight on the driver’s side only.
So much cool in such a little vehicle.