Found on Ebay: A Subaru Justy, with a Heart Transplant

Here at Hooniverse Central, we seem to get tips from our readers all the time. And look, here’s another one from long time Hoon, LTDScott (Thanks, Man). So what do you get when you cross one of the most underwhelming models Subaru ever produced with one of their all conquering, rally bread sports cars? You get this thing! This is a 1993 Subaru Justy with a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 turbo AWD swap. The seller claims that all the axles, brakes, and spindles have all been installed on this car along with the rest of the drive train, and that it is registered and drivable. The motor has been modified with an evo16g turbo, Sti injectors, a large aftermarket inter-cooler, K&N typhoon intake, custom headers, and a modified HKS exhaust system. The car has a Salvage Title, so that may just stop you there. However, for a truly outrageous track machine, this is it, and its a no reserve auction, with a starting bid of $5,000. So, do you think $5K is too much for a Justy with an STi Heart? Go HERE if the listing is still live.

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