Found on Craigslist: A Truck Thursday special for under $8,000

53 gmc craigslist

It’s Truck Thursday, and that means I’m scouring my local Craigslist for be-bedded vehicles to share with you, Dear Reader. After slogging through mostly modern crap, I’ve come across a sweet little looker. The seller describes it as a 1953 GMC short-bed five-window pickup. Additionally, it’s sitting on a Chevrolet frame, and judging from the interior it’s probably a much more modern frame with respect to the body.

There are not a lot of details in this particular listing, but it does say that the truck has power steering and brakes, and a clean title as well. Is it worth the $7,500 asking price? If the powertrain is in good shape (and the hood hides something more modern), I say it would make a fine daily driver at that price.

[Source: Craigslist]

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7 responses to “Found on Craigslist: A Truck Thursday special for under $8,000”

  1. MVEilenstein Avatar

    Could be my imagination, but the wheelbase doesn't quite line up with the wheel wells, does it?

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      Nope. Not worth that price without that effort.

  2. LTDScott Avatar

    Are the prices on Craigslit slashed?

    1. danleym Avatar

      No, but I hear the ads are extremely well written.

  3. Mad_Hungarian Avatar

    Hmmm, this is a dilemma. From the outside it's gorgeous. Most people will not notice the rear wheels being slightly off center. The builder gets MAJOR points for not slamming it, not shaving the door handles, not painting it a lurid dayglo color and otherwise not messing with the perfection of an Advanced Design truck body. Inside though . . . well, I said it's a dilemma. I might be OK with the modern seats. I'd need to get a better look at the console and the dash. But maybe I won't bother, because the S-10 or whatever it is steering wheel and column are a total deal killer in any event. If I just wanted something that looks nice sitting at a car show, this will do. But if I am going to have an old truck I want some of the feel and experience of driving an old truck, and if an 80's vintage plastic wheel is in my hands, the illusion is shattered. Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine. Last but not least, someone spent a crapton of money creating this thing, but I guess he really should have had 1.02 craptons, because the doors are unfinished inside! How do you open them from the inside? I see no handles.

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      The wheel base probably isn't that difficult to deal with. You'd need to cut the shackle mounts off the frame and re-weld them and get a slightly shorter driveshaft.
      Actually, since that sounds simple to me, I may have been reading too many Jeep forums…
      It has to be possible to get an aftermarket steering wheel for that which would get the right feel and just drop right on. The console would be a problem for me. (Then again, I'm plotting on removing mine entirely…)