Found on Craigslist: Race-ready Dime!

Everyone knows that with a a little work a 510 can be transformed into a kick-ass little autocrosser.  But who has time to actually get out to the garage and build one?  For only $2500 you can buy this one ready to race. While not heavily modded, the seller has subscribed to the Colin Chapman school of thought and added lightness to the car wherever he could and removed everything that was not of vital importance.  And while the engine and drivetrain remain mostly unmodified, alot of other race goodies have been added in all the right places to scoot yer butt around the track in confidence. And HELLO?!  Just look at those 13×10’s!  The seller claims it could (if you can pass it in your state) be a daily driver but wouldn’t recommend that.  Whatever!  I guarantee this will make any commute something to look forward to. Find it on Craigslist for only $2500 hat tip to our beloved Amber!

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