Found in the Forums: The Project Death Proof International Scout Terra

If you’ve been following along with Zach Bowman’s tale of his project Mustang, you may be wondering why there hasn’t been an update recently. Well, Project Ugly Horse is taking a breather for a moment so that Mr. Bowman can concentrate on another project. This one has been unfolding in the Tennessee hills for a few years now, but there’s finally been serious progress to report.

Hooniverse… say hello to Project Death Proof.

What you are looking at is Bowman’s own 1978 International Scout Terra. No vehicle has survived at the hands of the Bow Man for longer, and this ride holds a special place in heart. Now, the truck is finally getting the attention it deserves. What am I am talking about? Hop into the forum thread to find out.

Here’s the link to enlighten you about Project Death Proof.

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