carbon fiber body for formula supra

Formula Supra: The carbon fiber body arrives

Now we’re getting there! The carbon fiber body panels have arrived for Ryan Tuerck’s incredible GR Supra build. For those in need of a refresh, Tuerck and his crew have taken every part they can off the Supra in order to build it back up and stuff a Judd V10 engine under the hood. The fabrication taking place along the way has been amazing, and this is easily one of the best builds of the year so far. And now it has some body panels ready to go on… well, after some fine-tuning and trimming where needed. Nothing is ever that simple, right?

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5 responses to “Formula Supra: The carbon fiber body arrives”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Ever think up a word and then google it to see if you’re terribly clever or just basic?

    I thought “Supracabra” would be an excellent LeMons racing theme if you had a Toyota Supra and some way to make it look like the mythical goat eating beast, Chupacabra. Maybe reference the Pontiac GTO in there.

    But no. Some just as clever fool went and named not only his tuned A80 Targa Single Turbo V160 “El Supracabra” but they went further and named their whole… um, lifestyle brand? “Supracabra”.

  2. Neight428 Avatar

    If I had one of these Dom guys at my disposal, I could get back into working on cars again. That guy is a wizard.

  3. Neight428 Avatar

    Also – is that Teurck’s gold Ferrari that you see in the background on occasion?

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I do not believe so – I think that’s someone high up at Race Service or even one of their clients cars (they work with drivers like Daniel Riccardo, so could be someone in the F1 world)

      1. Neight428 Avatar

        I did not have the impression that the gig paid that well, but was hoping it did. He comes off as a really likeable guy.