For all the gruff we may give the current Formula One cars, drivers, teams, and ownership, the series still has truly passionate fans based all over the globe. The reach of this sport touches far and wide. In fact, you don’t even need to be able to see the action to be one of its biggest fans. 
Charaf-Eddit Ait-Tales started going blind as a young man. Before he lost his sight, he’d already fallen deeply in love with F1. During a race weekend, Charaf will close his store early on Thursdays to start following the myriad press conferences and qualifying laps. Sometime Monday he’ll open back up.
Charaf recently attended the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix. It was there that he was given the chance of a lifetime. Donning a helmet and race suit, Charaf set out in the rear seat of a special tandem F1 Experiences race car.
It clearly overwhelmed Charaf. And it should warm your heart to see someone so in love with a sport get to experience it in a way he never thought possible.
We can’t embed the video here, because F1 doesn’t allow video playback away from their YouTube page (See, we can still find something to complain about). So you’ll have to quick through to watch the clip.
It’s worth it. Click here to see for yourself.