This week, I thought I would bring you all the very best videos of my person favorite driver, Jenson Button. The 2009 world champion has had many ups and downs in an F1 career almost as long as my life. Ever since I first saw the Englishman race, I knew he was the driver I was going to support. While I wasn’t watching F1 in that late 2000’s, I knew he was still racing, gaining a first win in 2006, and then getting his world title in 2009. When I came back to the sport full time in 2012, (I always caught a few races every year, but 2012 was the first season in my comeback. Haven’t missed a race since.) I saw immediately that Jenson was in a great car, with a great team, and on that morning in March of 2012, I saw him race all the way to a great win in Melbourne. That sealed it. Being a McLaren fan, and a JB fan, the 2012 year had it’s ups and downs, but seeing him take 3 wins and several podiums was great. The past couple years have been hard, but he has been nothing but class, grace, and charm.

The world title in 2009 is a cinderella story that no one expected. Honda pulled their backing of their F1 team over the winter, citing the economic downturn. Ross Brawn saves the team at the last minute, lining up Mercedes power to power the car. It showed up to winter testing, and, against all odds, it was 1.5 seconds faster than anyone else. Jenson went on to win six of the first seven races, and then powered his way to his world title.
Many worried that Jenson Button would never win a race. In 2006, two years after he kept Schumi and Reubens honest, he finally got his first win. The widest eyes in all of F1 were seen that day.
And of course, the most popular win of his. After moving to McLaren in 2010, many worried he might not be able to hold his own against Lewis Hamilton. This was a day where he outclassed all of those around him, and he forced the, mostly unbreakable Sebastian Vettel into an error. An amazing win, in a chaotic race.

And of course, my personal JB highlight, was meeting and chatting with the man for a few minutes when he was here in for the race in Austin last year. He was funny, charming, warm, and everything else you want when you meet a hero of yours. Kevin was also great, but a tad shy. I hope he does well in the future too.
Next week I will highlight my love of COTA, or maybe post a few rants about how the F1 teams need to make Hoodies.