Formula Fun: Hungarian Edition

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The Hungarian Grand Prix is always interesting. It was the first race that ever took place behind the Iron Curtain, and it’s the one with the so called “Hungarian Curse.” No one that has won this race has gone onto win the title since 2004. With that said, this race was very much the most interesting race we’ve had since Canada 2011. It went from the standard weekend that everyone had expected to one where every move was as unpredictable as the next.
The weekend was, of course, covered by the shadow of Jules’ passing. All the teams and drivers had their own tributes to the late frenchman. The fraternity of drivers all came together, throwing focus on the family and the son they lost. But the show must go on, and so it did.
Practice sessions were newsworthy not for any new parts, but mainly the parts that were lost. Front wings were lost, and Perez had a very scary moment when his right rear suspension failed, sending him into a skid that ended with the car rolling. Perez was okay, showing once again the safety of these cars when they end up shiny side down.
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Saturday went about how it’s gone for the whole year. Hamilton grabbed Pole with Rosberg second, and the Red Bulls and Ferraris behind them. The Force India cars were deep in the field, along with the McLarens. A KERS issue cost Jenson Button his shot at Q2, and then Fernando Alonso had his car completely die on him during Q2.
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The race got undeway with an aborted start caused by Felipe Massa, as he was in the wrong spot on the grid. After the go around, the field got back in order and as the lights went out something amazing happened. The two Ferrari’s bolted through the bogged down Mercedes duo, and Sebastian Vettel did what he was famous for at Red Bull. He proceeded to pound out fast laps, and build up a substantial lead. The bad start wasn’t the only thing that Hamilton had to deal with. He went off at the third corner and fell back to 10th place. This was only the beginning of a horrid afternoon for the Mercedes boys.
Both Force India carss retired. Hulkenburg retiring after his front wing broke, sending a wad of carbon fibre into the car of Kvyatt. Hulk was okay, but with fear of the same failure happening to Perez, his car was retired as well. With Vettel out in front, and Kimi behind him playing rear gunner, the Ferrari’s looked to be untouchable. That is until the late stages of the race when Kimi lost his MGU-K and was majorly down on power. This led to him dropping back and eventually retiring. The Mercedes Duo had more and more woes; damage on both cars, and a drive through penalty for Hamilton for contact with Ricciardo. Maldonado and Grosjean both were in trouble as well, with Pastor managing to have a hat trick of Penalties. 
The Red Bull cars had an amazing day, however, taking advantage of the Mercedes failures, and the retirement of Kimi to take the final two spots on the podium. McLaren also had a good afternoon, getting both cars well into the points.
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Nothing could stop Sebastian Vettel, however, as he controlled the race from start to finish and earned his second win with the Scuderia. Of course, he dedicated the win to Jules Bianchi, who was of course destined to drive with him. This was the 41st win of his career, and equaled him to the great Ayrton Senna. This was also the first time that Vettel had won in Hungary, one of the few tracks he hadn’t done so before. The podium also included Danill Kvyatt, marking his first podium in F1. He was affected by the Jules Tribute, but ended up bringing out a wonderful performance. Daniel Ricciardo was third, having salvaged a difficult day into his first Podium in 2015.
Now we enter the long summer break before Spa in Belgium. But don’t worry F1 fans, I will still be here, helping you through the break. Until next time, thanks for reading.

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  1. Lokki Avatar

    A great race – unusual for the Hungarian Grand Prix. There was something for almost everyone – a Ferrari win, a Hamilton comeback, a pair Red Bulls on the podium, Hondas in the points. Only Kimi and Nico fans went home disappointed, and sadly I’m a fan of both of them. The Safety Car closed up the race, and I honestly thought we might have Ricardo win.
    It’s going to be a long impatient wait for the next race.

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