Formula Fun: Goodwood Edition

This weekend the Goodwood Festival of Speed once again had race cars and street cars of much provenance attack the Hill at the Goodwood estate. That means it’s a good time to show off the most important and most fun F1 and F1-related cars that ran up the hill this year. Let’s start off with Jenson Button taking a V10 Honda up the hill. Sad to say that it’s much faster than the company car that he actually competes in…
Keeping with the Jenson Button theme, here is every single car he has ever taken up the hill in the past 15 years of his participation. Seeing him age and mature throughout the years, and watching his career progress is amazing. And all the cars he took up are great in their own right.
Damon Hill, the 1996 world champion answering questions and hooning in a 650S. ‘Nuff said
And finally we have Kimi, the Ice Man himself, taking up a 2010 Ferrari up the hill. Hearing the V8 wail that we miss from F1 is always a treat. And the 2010 shark fin cars will always look awesome.
Next week will be longer as we are recapping the Silverstone Grand Prix, as F1 goes home. It should be a great race, with everyone bringing upgrades and knowledge from testing this past week in Austria.

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