Ford Motor Company teased the release of its Mustang-inspired Sport Utility Vehicle that will be a fully electric vehicle. The debut will happen at the LA Auto Show on November 17th, 2019.

The silhouette is good looking and we’re definitely going to get to discuss sedan coupes again. Maybe they’ll rob from BMW’s language and call it a “gran coupe”. Which is the sedan version of the coupe version of the original sedan if memory serves me. 

Ford is toting up to 370 miles of range and two battery options. The 370 range is with a larger battery choice. There also is going to be two drivetrain options. The EV will come with either an all-wheel-drive or a rear-wheel-drive system.

Ford also released a press release that they are working with Electrify America to introduce North America’s largest EV charging network. They talking about 12,000 places to charge and more than 35,000 charging plugs at those locations.

Ford is also working with Amazon Home Services to help buyers install either a 240-volt outlet or the Ford Connected Charge Station in their homes. If they let you roll this into your loan, I bet there are a lot of takers of the home charging station.

We haven’t heard much in a while about the Big 3 manufacturers playing the EV game. A lot about the Taycan and e-Tron, but not much else. Ford is investing billions into EVs through 2022 and their SUV option should make some waves in the market. Ford even invested in Rivian. Which is still my pick for an electric SUV.

Let’s hope the rest of the Mustang-inspired EV looks as good as it does in silhouette.