Ford Offers a Five Way Fantasy Party for '78

1978 fiesta fantasy concept One could make a case that right around 1980, say ’78-82, represented an intermission of sorts for the Malaise Era. Power was down while gas prices and interest rates soared, but creativity was in the air. Rather than just cranking down the compression ratios and cranking up the rearend gearing, automakers were looking for solutions.
GM’s cars got smaller and diesel or 4-6-8 powered while Ford and Chrysler made big pushes with captive imports and compact front-drivers. Ford’s Fox platform and Toyota’s 4x4s and Supra were born then. The AMC Eagle? 1979.
Reagan’s 80s brought a recovering economy, cheaper fuel and deregulation; all of which contributed to an era of complacency reaching through the Clinton administration. Rewinding to more desperate but interesting times, Ford had a plan to get the most out of their Spanish-built Fiesta (way to go on the name there, guys): the Fiesta Fantasy Concept. 1978 fiesta fantasy concept The Fiesta Fantasy used a collection of interchangeable tops to transmorph it into a two door wagon, convertible, coupe, 2+2 hardtop and (you guessed it) a Fiestachero. While the logistics of storing a number of top configurations might have complicated things, the reconfigurability (which is in fact, a word) of the platform would’ve made it a champion of doing more with less. In case the watermarks didn’t tip you off, images courtesy of with a hat tip to new Fiestanaut and commenter Drew S.
While the logistics of managing 5 different tops might’ve complicated the ownership experience, the reconfigurability (which is, in fact, a real word) of the platform would’ve produced a winner in the doing more with less category. Besides, imagine any of these done up in tidy autocross-ready spec.

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10 responses to “Ford Offers a Five Way Fantasy Party for '78”

  1. Hopman Avatar

    It makes you wonder where all the creativity of auto designers has gone.

  2. LTDScott Avatar

    So Nissan stole the idea for the Pulsar NX!

    1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

      Oh no, they would never steal! "Japan takes the best the world has to offer, and makes it their own…" – Mr Baseball

      1.  Avatar
  3. HycoSpeed Avatar

    Arghh! My non internet encoded name!
    I kid, I kid. Really I am just stoked you guys liked it!

  4. citroen67 Avatar

    Why were those not sold here? With the option of pickup, ragtop and a pseudo shooting break look…how could this thing NOT be awesome!? BTW, are those t-tops?

  5. engineerd Avatar

    So, it was an Aztek with better styling and better fuel economy? Wow, Pontiac, the more I learn the more I realize how much you screwed the pooch.

  6. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    I'm thinking one wagon-cap and one pickup-back. The convertible is simply 'none of the above' unless you get caught in a sudden storm.

  7. guitartec Avatar

    This was just a concept. There were even more Fiesta concepts. Check out the pic section of this awesome MK1 Ford Fiesta user group:

  8. Harley Marshall Avatar

    gas prices are still on the rise today, we should go Alternative Fuel;-*