The first generation ran from the mid ’60s well on into the ’70s. That larger second-gen truck ran for a much shorter time before the OJ-era third-gen model debuted for 1980. Two more versions carried on all the way until 1996, before the Ford Bronco shuffled off into the sunset. The crossover and SUV-crazed world in which we live is ready for a return, and Ford is set to deliver sometime next year. And we’ve got good news… the Blue Oval brand will make this a vehicle upon which the Bronco name is properly applied.

Automotive News reports that dealers got an early look at the upcoming vehicle during a recent gathering. Some of those dealers have loose lips, but they’re not out to sink ships. Instead, you should get excited at what they have to say. The front end will feature a rectangular grille properly framed by a pair of round headlights. More interesting though is the fact that Ford will offer a removable hard top. The doors will also be removable and the side mirrors are mounted to the A pillars.

Ditch those doors!

Speaking of the doors, Ford plans to offer the Bronco as both a two door and a four door. This is clearly a shot across the bow of Jeep and its Wrangler. While it might not be enough to pull hardcore Wrangler lovers away from the brand, it’s certainly set to get the attention of fence sitters. And Ford loyalists sound like they’re set to get a vehicle ready to make them smile.

One dealer stated that this new Bronco is “twice as cool as I thought it would be”. You can see if that remains the case when we get our own eyes on the prize sometime in the near future. A Baby Bronco will land first, and the larger Bronco should arrive around three months after that. The timetable is set for sometime in mid-to-late 2020.

Yes… we already want to know about a Bronco Raptor, too. Because that could potentially be the raddest iteration of the Raptor name yet to come. A Ranger Raptor (you know it’s coming) will be great. The F-150 Raptor is wonderful. But a Bronco Raptor? Sweet baby off-road Jesus that will be a Rubicon Wrangler-smacking wonder truck, and we’re all in on that one.

[Source: Automotive News via Jalopnik]