Ford finally explains Bronco hardtop and vehicle order issues

Ford has sent a five-page letter to its dealers about the mess that has become the Ford Bronco. It is a well-written letter and if you have a vehicle on order it is really worth your time. They address the hardtop issues (spoiler: in needs replacement) and general order issues. Ford continues to promise to ’21 model year prices for those who have pre-ordered their vehicles, even if it takes them to 2023 to get their cars.

I had an opportunity to drive the new big-boy Bronco recently and I must say that it is a great vehicle. At the same, I must say that they hard top quality and design need an improvement. I will details on that in my upcoming review. In the meantime, read this letter that was posted on the Bronco6g forum.

To give some substance to this letter, all of this was independently confirmed by my dealer earlier this week. I have a Bronco on order with no production date scheduled. Of all the orders my dealer took, they were only able to deliver seven vehicles. Of those only one had the 2.7-liter V6 engine. One has transmission issues. All were soft-tops.

ford hard top order explanation

ford hard top order explanation 2

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      1. I know a guy who complains that first grade was the longest three years of his life. I think first-year Broncos will still be rolling off the production lines in 2023.

  1. Ford can’t get out of its own way. Supply chains all over the world are hurting, but stepping on your crank with the launch of a once in a generation vehicle from an enthusiast perspective is how you become American Mitsubishi.

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