Ford’s worst kept secret is the upcoming Ford Bronco. Like it’s the 1990s, it will come in two flavors, or rather two sizes. To call them full-size and mid-size would be wrong but we can say that one, the bigger one, will be a body-on-frame design and will come in two- and for-door versions, and will have a removable top.

The details on the smaller Bronco, known unofficially as the Baby Bronco, which will officially be called the Bronco Sport (many smaller SUV versions of their bigger counterparts are called Sport for some reason) have been sketchy so far. But now obtained an imagine of what looks to be a production version without any disguise. And it looks great!

The Bronco Sport is rumored to be based on the Ford Escape. So it will basically be what we call now a cross-over, or a CUV. And that’s fine, as the new Escape is a fine vehicle, but it won’t have a removable top like its bigger sibling. A key to visually spotting this is the five-bolts wheel pattern – the bigger Bronco will get six-bolts pattern wheels, among a completely different everything.

We love its looks, question the “vinyl roof“, and wonder about the shiny highway tires. While the world is full of CUVs, few are themed in a desired off-road-y style. Toyota is trying with the RAV4 TRD Off-Road model and Jeep with its Trailhawk versions. But none of those are dedicated models like the Bronco will be.

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