For the Price of a Lexus ES350, You Could Have This Thing

1975 Bonneville Boss Car Hauler
Photo Credit: Drew Phillips/Autoblog

$42 grand. That’s it. $42k For a Toronado-powered five-axle rig with a hydrogen peroxide rocket powered land-speed racer on the back. The scale of the picture’s a little hard to grasp, so we’ll help you out: that cab’s only 5.5 feet tall. This rig’s made appearances at Cars and Coffee, and I’ve actually seen it driving on the 5 freeway near downtown LA, so the claims of it being road-ready are easily believed.
The (with Proud American passenger) went for $42k at Barrett-Jackson. That’s crazy cheap. Check it out at Autoblog for more info.

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16 responses to “For the Price of a Lexus ES350, You Could Have This Thing”

  1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    I actually just gasped and then choked on my tongue a bit. I think I'm going to surf away for a while.

  2. dwegmull Avatar

    I think "that cab’s only 5.5 feet tall." should be a tag…

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      Tag…or pick-up line?

  3. superbadd75 Avatar

    That is just so retardedly '70s, it's not even funny. What a killer deal for the guy that scored it! Although I must admit to being surprised that someone actually walked away from B-J with a good buy. I always feel like that place artificially jacks up the prices.
    Anyway, I wonder how hard it would be to get Proud American goin' at Bonneville. Just for shits n' grins.

    1. P161911 Avatar

      There were actually quite a few deals this year. On the first day a 89 T-Bird S/C Anniversary edition with 60k miles went for $1600! It is odd for a headliner like this to go so cheap though. Sometimes the low end stuff will go really cheap.

      1. Goingincirclez Avatar

        I love my MN12's, but the T-Bird SC has never been a very desirable car. Still, $1600 seems absurdly low… that's only $600 more than I sold my well-loved and abused 180K '97 Sport for! WTF???

  4. Alff Avatar

    Nice Price. This has way more PAH than the similar looking but much tinier Dodge Deora that sold for $324K back in September.

  5. carplanetzone1 Avatar

    I watch Barrett-Jackson religiously, and that particular lot was a "Hagerty Fantasy Bid" vehicle. And my guess was WAY off, I was surprised at how cheap it sold for.

  6. Goingincirclez Avatar

    Deora-style cab with Lincoln Mark IV "Opera Window" for the Muthalovin' WIN!!!!

  7. Sparky_Pete Avatar

    OOOH! An 8 track stereo with PA! This thing would look awesome next to the Corvette Summer Stingray in my dream garage!!

  8. Ian G. Avatar
    Ian G.

    I know who built this.Ky Michaelson built this truck, and the car, but the car was never run. He wrote a book titled "Rocket Man" and it mentions this! He lives in bloomington minnesota, and i've met him! very nice guy! also, the potencial of hydrogen peroxide for going fast is incredible! Some of his dragsters were running 3 second run in the 80s, and getting faster!
    Here's the link to his site:

  9. PowerTryp Avatar

    Is it just me or does that thing look like it came right off of the set of Thunder Birds?

  10. CptSevere Avatar

    This is just incredible, yeah, a Hot Wheels come to life. I guess the rocket car is always carried like that, like it's about to launch and nuke the Commies back into the stone age. This just drips badass.

  11. engineerd Avatar

    I'm in love. Seriously. This is the coolest vehicle since this:
    <img width=400 src=""&gt;
    That's a hardened mobile launcher for the Midgetman ICBM.
    My status as a rocketman is not fulfilled unless I find $42,000 and buy the Boss.

  12. LTDScott Avatar

    Sure looks like something Matchbox woulda made in the 1960s.

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