For Sale: Cousin of HoonTruck, the Mercury M100

There are a good number of Ford F100 pickups out there. There are not, however, a ton of Mercury M100 examples unless perhaps you’re up in Canada. This one is a 1964 example with some minor rust in the normal places. The seller states it’s otherwise in great shape for an old truck that spent its not parked in the cozy confines of a garage.
There’s no mention of which engine is under the hood, but assume it’s either the 240 or 300 inline-6. The ad does list the truck as having a manual gearbox though.
The seller stats this is more of a feeler ad to see what sort of interest the truck generates. The asking price is $6,000, but the seller is also open to trades. Seems like a lot of coin based on the condition, but it’s definitely a beast more rare than my own Ford.
[Source: Craigslist]

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  1. ptschett Avatar

    Cool, it’s a unibody one!

  2. Scoutdude Avatar

    Sweet, I’m crazy about a Mercury…truck. I also would love a unibody so yeah it is doubly desirable.
    Living in the PNW I’ve seen a few Mercury trucks that headed south. One in particular regularly passed as it set in a storage yard rusted almost to oblivion.

  3. Ayreonaut Avatar

    Well hey there used to be a guy in my town who had a 90s Ford Ranger that had a mercury mountaineer front end and grill and mercury badge on the tailgate